Socially Scouting

Here is my presentation for Cub Scout College

Socially Scouting PowerPoint

Here are some of my favorite links


A Scoutmaster’s Blog

Nick’s Ramblings

A Day In The Life

Scouter Adam’s Blog

The Contemplative Bobwhite

The Scoutmaster Minute

The Trainer’s Corner Blog

My Scout Websites

Scout Nation

Pack 4363

Troop 1363


Audience Participation Stories

Kilts for Scouting



ALPS Mountaineering

Scout Direct


Packing Lists

Gear Reviews

Scout Sites


Lessons and Suggestions on Boy-Run troops



Boy Scout Council Links

Boy Scout Store

Scouts Canada

Bay-Lakes Council

Traditional Scouting Boy Scouting

The Virtual Cub Scout Leader’s Handbook

Patchtown USA

Official National Order of the Arrow Web Site

Camping & Hiking

Camping Survival

Cliff Jacobson

2 comments on “Socially Scouting

  1. Hello, Great set of resources! Your blogroll has inspired me to start one as well. If you are open to an exchange, I have True North listed on SM Kelly

  2. WOW.. This is great! Thanks so much for the listing of the website. I appreciate it. Love the PPT!

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