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  1. Just to be a bit of a contrarian, I’ll point out that Troop Program Features:

    Includes at least one merit badge in every single topic, and every meeting within that topic will show which merit badge requirements can be completed in that meeting.

    You have to use common sense, however. The troop where I was Scoutmaster from 1991 to 1995 used this document’s predecessor (Woods Wisdom) and we used a rotating series of merit badges, plus the PLC picked several a year.

    For the record, our new scout program generally got most of the boys their basic requirements for first class by the time they finished summer camp. They were urged to get swimming merit badge and one other at camp.

    The new campers then split their time working on camping and cooking merit badges (because we needed them to be able to camp and cook), and in the winter we worked on First Aid and Emergency Preparedness every year, because our council hosts a February first aid meet.

    Communications was run every couple of years (because we wanted our junior leaders to be able to speak) and we ran all three citizenships on a three year cycle, one per year.

    A boy who didn’t seek out his own MB opportunities would generally pick up about 12 merit badges over his first 3 years (the ones I mentioned, plus the next two years of camp).

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